What Sort Of Marriage Will You Have?

Wedding by the Stars

Ever wondered if the stars play a part in foretelling what type of marriage you’ll have depending on the date you get
married? Our lighthearted guide looks at the sort of marriage you’ll have!

Aries Wedding (March 21 – April 20)

Getting married in late March or April? You’re in for a lifetime of fireworks. An Aries wedding means plenty of passion.
Couples who marry during this time are usually the ones who make a big scene in restaurants, however, since they
don’t hold grudges, within minutes of storming out, they’re probably kissing passionately and shouting at the taxi
driver to get them home as fast as possible so they can “make up”. If you marry during this time, the Aries influence
will help you to become stronger, more courageous and determined as a person, as well as surprisingly sporty. As a
couple, you’ll compete with each other over who’s more successful, popular, lusted after – and will probably settle the
argument with a few well-hurled dishes.

Taurus Wedding (April 21- May 21)

It’s the couples marrying in May who usually wait years before the Big Day. Quickie courtships just aren’t their thing.
But since they usually need a bomb under them to take the plunge, ultimatums or shotgun weddings are pretty
common. Money is a big issue for them so they may live with their parents for years before marrying to save for their
first home, take on second jobs to maintain a good lifestyle, or sign pre-nuptial agreements. Taurean couples are saltof-
the-earth types. There’s always a bed on offer for anyone who needs it, but it would be rare for them to have
relationship problems themselves. These are the solid marriages people dream of. Taurean-ruled couples love food
and will spare no expense on their wedding feast, which you should expect to see them dig right into, considering
they went on a big diet to look nice for the wedding photographs.

Gemini Wedding (May 22 – June 21)

It’s not unusual to think that people married under Gemini are brothers and sisters. They look, sound and behave like
each others, dress similarly, and often finish each other’s sentences. They usually enjoy flirting and talking about sex
more than actually doing it. It’s not a passionate marriage, but it’s always friendly and talkative. If you’re invited into
their home, your ears will get a good workout – Gemini-ruled couples talk to you, sing to CDs, flick TV channels and
yabber on the hands-free, all at the same time. They can’t stand being bored, so you’ll be expected to be an
entertaining guest. Their dinner parties are invariably full of juicy gossip, and because they’re such disorganised
cooks, don’t be surprised if you’re served your main dish before the entrée. They’re the couple most likely to marry,
divorce, marry another – and then leave their second spouse to go back to each other again.

Cancer Wedding (June 22 – July 22)

Those who get married during July usually invite more family members than friends as wedding guests and book their
reception in their parents’ home or garden, the family’s traditional wedding venue, or an historic setting. Cancermarried
couples often have a parent-child relationship where one babies the other – and in later life call each other
Mum or Dad. July-ruled couples are moody, sensitive and like to hole up at home. You’ll be amazed at the number of
pre-wedding showers – cellar, kitchen, baby; you name it – this couple will organise as they adore receiving homeoriented
gifts. Couples who marry in July have either really good or really bad links with their family. Watch out for
that annoying and interfering mother-in-law.

Leo Wedding (July 23 – August 23)

Ever wondered exactly who the Joneses are in the saying, “Keeping up with the Joneses”? Look no further. What a
glamorous couple those married during late July or most of August are. They like to wear designer clothes, lead jetset
lives and live in homes that look like those in Belle. These Oscar-winning performers aren’t above entertaining the
locals with their “routine” in front of an open window. Leo couples are full-blown romantics, so their love affairs are
usually one of two varieties: a six-week engagement after they fell in love at first sight, or a triumph over
circumstances where they were cruelly separated by people, religious beliefs or lack of residency papers. They love
hard and dramatically like Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind – enough to make lesser couples
(that is, those not married during Sun in Leo) wonder if their own married is really that great after all. While they can
be somewhat over the top (even a little fake), their romantic spirit is infectious – they just love matchmaking their
single friends.

Virgo Wedding (August 23 – September 23)

The healthy, serious, bookish couple you see buying organic vegetables at the local Saturday markets are likely to be
Virgo-married couple. They probably met at work and fell in love over the photocopier – hopefully not while sitting on
it – but if not, often end up working together in some way. Work for them is necessary and good for you and so – for
most of them – is housework. If you invite a couple married during September away for the weekend, there’s a good
chance that afterwards your holiday rental/hotel/resort room will be cleaner than it ever was before. Invite them over
for a paint-stripping and pizza day and they’ll be the ones who’ll actually work and only drink low-alcohol beer.
They’re friendly, reasonable and don’t paw at each other in public – before or after the wedding. They’re also keen to
perfect everything so they’ll be the first couple in your circle of friends to attend marriage counselling before and after
they marry.

Libra Wedding (September 24 – October 23)

What a pair of romantics. Chances are, doves were released at their wedding or at least a special vow was created for
them. Libran-married couples are usually strikingly good-looking. They watch their words, their weight and their
manners. As long as everything seems wonderful, then it is. Apart from this head-in-the-sand attitude, they’re warm,
classy people who can always be counted on for a great meal and pleasant company. Harmony and romance are vital
to them. This couple sometimes finds the reality of sex rather unpleasant and can’t cope unless it’s beautified with
candles, flowers and soft music beforehand. And they are also terrible flirts. Yes, they’re both big players but they do
it with such class before they can’t bear to admit when they’re angry – that would spoil the illusion of their perfect

Scorpio Wedding (October 24 – November 22)

Ten to one it was sexual attraction that electrified this pair from the beginning. Yes, it’s a marriage largely based on
sex, passion and undying loyalty. Even those couples who never seemed more than good friends will find that
seriously good sex takes priority over shared interests. Most will be able to “read” the state of their union by what’s
going on in the bedroom. Should anyone in this Scorpio-ruled marriage have the poor judgement to be unfaithful,
watch their world disintegrate. Along with Pisces-ruled marriages, these are the karmic relationship couples and
onlookers may yearn for the same level of intensity with their own partners. But keep in mind that it’s often the
Scorpio-ruled marriages that produce the couples who can’t live with – or without – each other.

Sagittarius Wedding (November 23 – December 21)

Love dropping everything at a moment’s notice to climb a volcano on some remote island? Then get married when the
Sun is in Sagittarius. This is an Indiana Jones-style marriage – swashbuckling, exciting and more than a little
migraine-inducing in the unreliability stakes. December marriages regularly produce hair-raising ethnic, cultural,
legal, religious or philosophical combinations. Sagittarius-married couples lack picket-fence lifestyles from the start –
even the wedding itself might have a touch of the Elvises about it. These funsters loathe deep and heavy scenarios.
They’re the couple least likely to remain faithful, but because they’re incredibly free-spirited, as long as the other
remains a good pal, they’ll accept amazing levels of infidelity. This is one marriage that doesn’t care what others

Capricorn Wedding (December 22 – January 20)

At best, marrying when the Sun is in Capricorn produces a marriage where both partners start from scratch and over
many years, become rich, successful pillars of the community. At worst, it makes people marry for money. Late
December and January marriages are status affairs. This Armani-and-Chanel-clad couple are almost unfailingly on
their best behaviour publicly – yet there’s a good chance that kinky goings-on are going on. Capricorn-married
spouses invest in shares (not Lotto), plan five-year goals, take second mortgages to send their children to the right
school and once they’re established and successful, can ignore their original friends from the wrong end of town.

Aquarius Wedding (January 21 – February 19)

Who is the eccentric pair in the corner talking about world peace and the corruptive influence of money? Who
probably fell in love after being best friends for years? Yes, it’s the couple who marry when the Sun is in Aquarius.
They’re instantly recognisable by their odd domestic arrangements. They could live behind one of their parents’
houses in a caravan, be part of an extended family, look after a succession of foster kids or share their home with
friends to help pay the mortgage. Both of them believe that having plenty of platonic friendships is perfectly
understandable, reasonable and fair – unlike a Scorpio couple who would reach for their lawyer’s mobile number or
the nearest axe. They put more effort into their friendships than their families.

Pisces Wedding (February 20 – March 20)

Pisces-ruled couples are the ultra-romantics. When they marry, you’ll feel a curious, delightful sense that Cupid really
did release his arrow for this pair, who’ll probably claim they were soulmates in a past life. Pisces-ruled couples
usually book a feng shui expert to redesign their home for maximum contentment. However, they’re incredibly
disorganised so if they can even remember an appointment or party, they’ll invariably be late, and they’re always
losing things. Very romantic, they’ll choose wedding songs that really do mean something and they’re usually lovely
to watch together on the dance floor. They are incredibly sensitive too and are likely to cry while saying their vows.
Don’t let them have too much champagne at the reception or they’ll fall asleep in the cake.
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