Bride by the Stars for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids, get your inside guide to your bride based on her star sign.

The Aries Bride March 21–April 20

The energetic, laugh-a-minute Ram bride will be a blast to work for—she’ll generally keep her sense of humor and make sure those pre- wedding parties rock until dawn. But, be forewarned: her spontaneous, fiery nature means that she may change her mind at the last second about things you thought were written in stone.
Bridesmaid motto: Be prepared for anything.

The Taurus Bride April 21–May 21

Put away your glitter eye shadow: this classy, earthy lady has a healthy respect for tradition, and her wedding will be about simple elegance. She insists on high quality in every department, from classy gowns to gourmet food and drink. Lucky for you, you can count on the Bull bride to pick you a fabulous dress.
Bridesmaid motto: Put on the ritz.

The Gemini Bride May 22–June 21

A bride born under this mercurial sign will rarely take the traditional, well-trodden route to the altar, and her ceremony will be as creative and interesting as the guests. Ruled by the Twins, the Gemini bride may be indecisive when planning the details, so listen patiently to her myriad ideas and help her choose one path.
Bridesmaid motto: I am a rock.

The Cancer Bride June 22–July 22

The Crab bride prefers to lead—not be led—and will have very specific ideas about wedding details. She is very close to her mother and will want her to be involved in planning details. The slightest perceived criticism from a friend or mother-in-law-to-be will make the sensitive Cancerian retreat inside her shell. Encourage her to communicate her smallest concerns and troubleshoot when others act insensitively.
Bridesmaid motto: Don’t worry; be happy.

The Leo Bride July 23–August 21

Don’t get angry when this bride has moments of arrogance or vanity—she can’t avoid them any more than she can deny her party-loving nature. Besides, few brides appreciate loyalty and faithfulness in friends as much as the mighty Lion. Be sure to plan a fabulous night out on the town with the ladies—with this bride at the helm, the bachelorette party will be an extraordinary and outstanding evening.
Bridesmaid motto: Keep your eyes on the bride.

The Virgo Bride August 22–September 23

This perfectionist bride will tirelessly devote herself to planning the wedding, and you’d better be prompt at all the fittings, appointments, and prewedding events. What she really needs from you more than elaborate party planning is compassion and emotional support, despite her rather self-sufficient appearance. This bride can take care of the details, and your job is to provide the love—and loosening up—she needs in order to feel grounded and happy.
Bridesmaid motto: Be there with bells on.

The Libra Bride September 24–October 23

Don’t wait around for indecisive Libra, the sign of the balanced scales, to give you a color scheme or a to-do list. The fewer planning questions you ask her, the better—this classy lady will pull off an elegant wedding, but even she may not know how it happened. Spend your time planning a bridal shower or bachelorette party that will please her picky palate, but keep in mind that well-mannered Libra would be mortified if she thought you were spending more than you could afford.
Bridesmaid motto: Don’t ask, don’t tell.

The Scorpio Bride October 24–November 22

Her wedding means more than most people’s—at least that’s how this intense bride perceives things. This bride can be a privacy freak, so you will be required to keep her secrets. At some point she may lose her tight emotional control and get wildly jealous about the groom’s bachelor party or enraged at the careless caterers. Soothe her with her favourite sedative—a show of your love and loyalty. When the wedding day comes and this emotionally deep lady says her vows, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.
Bridesmaid motto: Fasten your seat belt.

The Sagittarius Bride November 23–December 22

She can be a little bossy, but will you ever have fun! From dress fittings to parties to the ceremony itself, the Archer bride will almost never lose her buoyant enthusiasm. Only when this extremely independent woman clashes with others over wedding plans will she get upset. The two of you might even squabble— but this girl never holds a grudge, and if you can forgive her in the same generous spirit, the wedding will be a laugh riot from start to finish.
Bridesmaid motto: Roll with the punches.

The Capricorn Bride December 23–January 20

Your job—and it’s a tough one—is to help this industrious bride put aside her perfectionist tendencies and have some fun! Surprise parties are a good idea, since she can’t fret over them or try to do all the hard work herself. A Capricorn will rarely ask for what she needs, so plan lots of fabulous events that will distract her from fussy wedding details and appeal to her sense of humor. Family is very important to her, so make sure they approve of you; help them have fun at wedding events.
Bridesmaid motto: Forget perfection—let’s party.

The Aquarius Bride January 21–February 19

The Water Bearer bride has loads of friends—too many, you might think once you start trying to plan her bridal parties. Wildly gregarious, she tends to bond with people of every race, age, and gender, and she embraces their diverse preferences. She doesn’t want anyone to feel left out. Be prepared to smooth over any social gaps that may crop up between her far-flung friends when they get together.
Bridesmaid motto: The more the merrier.

The Pisces Bride February 20–March 20

This idealistic bride may be moody in the months before the wedding, feeling that the sacredness of love is being trampled by the wedding’s endless, practical details. In fact, she might have eloped, except that her romantic streak can’t resist a wedding. This sign is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion and fantasy—the very things that make weddings magical. She may search tirelessly for the perfect gown, but don’t mistake this trait for materialism. In her heart, all she really cares about is that the emotional vibrations are right.
Bridesmaid motto: Feel the love.

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